Here's just a small sampling of the children and communities we've helped over the years.



Education is a key component in our mission. We enroll children in public schools to help integrate them into the community. To maintain consistency in the integration process and to ensure active participation in educational programs, our children attend school just like children from other families in the community. We currently have children in pre-school levels, grade school, high school, and university.


Emergency Relief

We strive to reach out to the needy and less fortunate in the communities through emergency relief. We have open days on Sunday afternoons when we reach out to the children in the community. We reach out to the Internally Displaced People regularly with food and clothing. We target the most vulnerable adults and the old widows in the community.



Our mission is based on family model of care. We facilitate the integration and rehabilitation of children rescued from the children’s department.


Sustainability Projects

We have several sustainability projects to boost our income generation initiative to improve on our sustainability capacity. This helps us to increase the number of OVCs that need our care and support. The ongoing projects deal with livestock: poultry, rabbit-keeping, dairy goats and dairy cows. Agriculture helps our farm supplement the vegetable requirements. Our borehole produces enough water for our consumption and helps us be sustainable in the garden, especially our greenhouses.


Word Ministry

We are a Christian organization and we emphasize prayer, bible study, fellowship and evangelism for spiritual development. Many of our brothers are from our sister ministry, Stars for Jesus Ministries, who have been very instrumental in ministering to the children. We associate with many organizations founded with the focus of ministering to children.


Distribution Center

More often than not, we receive food supplies and clothing in large volumes. We believe this is due to the fact that we have learnt the secret of giving. Whenever we have excess supplies, we give to other children ministries.



We've been able to use sports as a critical component in the lives of the children. This is one of the areas we are able to tap potential and develop talents. Many children have rediscovered their potentials through a range of sporting activities provided, including ball games, athletics, drama and theatre arts, dance, music and singing. With our strong team of talented children, we have been involved in social activities like heart run, environmental conservation, cleaning the city, HIV/AIDS awareness, and more.